Potential new owner - MK2 turbo

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Potential new owner - MK2 turbo

Post by Garryw » 19/04/17 16:14

Hi all

I'm not currently an MR2 owner but did previously own a Mk2 GT-Tbar for about 3 years from 2005 - 2007. Thought I'd say Hi and see if anyone can offer some advice on a car I'm looking at.

I had a company car for a few years (Octavia VRs and have since owned a couple of Mazda 6 MPS that were running ~290bhp. I'd love to go back to an MR2 as it was ridiculously fun but thought I would miss the power and torque of the Mazda's......hence the reason for looking at Mk2 Turbo's.

I've been speaking to the owner of the car in the link before and he seems pretty genuine. He sent me a few pica of less than perfect areas - some scratches in the paint and rips to the interior seats etc
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/Toyota-M ... RTM2063723

Can anyone tell me if they know the vehicle? I'm also happy to listen to any advice from knowledgeable owners/enthusiasts on here. It seems like a good deal and a lot of preventative stuff has been done recently.

Thanks in advance, Garry

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