Hello, please talk me into buying an MR2

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Hello, please talk me into buying an MR2

Post by neilw » 08/08/17 21:35

Hi everyone,

I've just signed up as I'm a wannabe owner, currently driving a smart Roadster which has been brilliant but is getting on now so I've been looking at a MK3 as my new daily driver.

I have a 20 mile each way commute, so the car needs to be reliable, and will be out in all weather - definitely not a garage queen!

I recently looked at a TF300 which I've fallen in love with to be honest - there are a couple of small niggles which I'm not sure are serious or not...

- there's a creak from the passenger rear going over bumps, very annoying! I've read lots of threads which describe how difficult it can be tracing this. The sender says a bush just need spraying with wd40.

- one of the rear lights has condensation in the lens. Seller said it was because they'd just jet washed the car.

- there's only one key. Seller says they'll get a second key made - is this a worry?

- TF300 certificate is there, but no handbook

Sorry for all the questions!

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Re: Hello, please talk me into buying an MR2

Post by MRHAPPY62 » 08/08/17 21:47

I think you have talked yourself into an Mr2 :D
As for the one you have viewed maybe not,
Get a good one and they are addictive even when not perfect :rolleyes:
They are a real drivers car, all MK's and Models, and I love them to bits :D :D

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Re: Hello, please talk me into buying an MR2

Post by peteV6R5 » 08/08/17 22:55

maybe the TF300 is not the one.

by the way hi and welcome to the OC
all mks pf mr2s Will give you a great drivers experience (if you get a good one to start with).
from your thread it does look like you are manly looking at mk3s. solid cars with the best all round package post facelift (2004+).

good hunting
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Re: Hello, please talk me into buying an MR2

Post by pbmr2 » 08/08/17 22:57

Hi and welcome.

Sounds like you can do better for the money than the car you have found. Happy hunting :D
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Re: Hello, please talk me into buying an MR2

Post by novinno » 11/08/17 9:51

Hi. Welcome along.

As far as I know the Smart Roadster was introduced in the UK in 2003, so you will not be gaining much in the way of a later car if you purchase a Mk3 MR2.

Also the Mk3 MR2 was far from being bullet proof and a search of this site will unveil the problems that have been common to them.

Without knowing your budget it is difficult to advise what you should consider. I would try a Nissan 350Z if funds allow. It is still made in 370Z form and looks very similar to the current car. Again that too has its' problems so buy with caution.

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