Engine mount sizes?

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Handy Matt
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Engine mount sizes?

Post by Handy Matt » 21/04/17 11:05

Hi All,
After a road trip last week in my mk2 rev3 I have come to the conclusion it's time to replace the engine mounts. I'm considering putting polybush mounts in. The problem is there are 3 different sizes listed.

Does anyone know which size i would need for my rev3 NA without taking it all to bits to measure it before ordering?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Enigine mount sizes?

Post by chaos19810 » 21/04/17 16:29

I found two different sizes on my rev5?

Anyway if you can get it in the air you can get a rough idea of the size with some calipers, they are 73, 77 and 83.5mm so there is enough of a difference to work it out.

I'd say go to a scrappy Pull off another set and clean then up and polybush them and swap them over?

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Re: Engine mount sizes?

Post by m122794 » 25/04/17 13:14


Just done my 1994 Rev3 NA and unless yours has had a mount swap over the past 20-or-so years I think you'll you need Powerflex PFR76-311 for the front and PFR76-309 for the rear.

One word of caution - I'm thinking of swapping back to standard mounts for day-to-day driving because the Powerflex mounts transmit a load of vibration into the cabin. They are great for spirited driving but not so good for long trips!


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