UK GT T-Bar N/A Rev5 - recent MOT

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TL;DR - 101,500 miles increasing while in use. MOT until 5th Feb 2020 (advisories handbrake efficiency and rear tyres). Very good interior and leather seats - you'll struggle to find better. Paint also very good, genuine sonic shadow. No service history prior to my ownership (11 months, dealer bought), about £1000 spent during this time - not much more to be spent. Just had a full service. Rust free and undersealed within the last 2 years. Welded sills. Welded nearside rear quarter, primed, aim to have painted for sale. Some minor body panel alignment issue at the front - the left headlight is 1-2mm too far in. Drives and brakes dead straight.

Regretfully I've decided to put my MR2 up for sale. My reasons - firstly I'm daily driving and she deserves to be a garage queen, secondly because I could use the money, thirdly I could use something a little cheaper to insure being a young driver. I will be at the cotswold run on the 3rd if you want to view then and watch from afar. I am happy to offer UK (minus NI) delivery myself some weekend until my insurance runs out on April 29th - you just need to give me fuel money and a train ticket back to Peterborough! Mileage will go up 100-200 miles per week since listing.

It has just had a full service (plugs, oil, air filter, fuel cleaner+recat) and an MOT. Advisories on rear tyre tread and just meeting handbrake efficiency - a new offside rear caliper will improve that. It has recently had a new nearside rear caliper and all new handbrake cables (nearside caliper and cable were both seized). Since I bought it April last year (she's my first owned car) I've poured around £1000 into it in labour and parts. It is completely original spec bar a blueflame exhaust and a new sony bluetooth stereo. I've enjoyed it for about 8000 miles. It was undersealed fully before purchased and is rust free as far as I'm aware.

Mechanically and electronically it has no faults, bar the radio antenna not extending. I never got around to putting a new one in there - I just don't listen to radio. Accelerates and brakes dead straight, happy to rev all day. Engine temp rises to the middle and sticks there. Never has it failed to fire up or given me a single problem. It had some rust on nearside rear quarter, now welded and primed with photo evidence - waiting on my guy to get it painted before the 3rd, happy to take £100 off if not done. The interior is also a very strong point with the passenger seat pretty much mint, drivers seat also very good - naturally a bit more creased, but no tears or punctures. All very clean inside. Got a master and valet key with two fobs. And a filthy decat pipe if you want it - put in by the previous owner and replaced with a new cat now.

The worst point about this car is that there is a slight body panel alignment issue at the front end of the car. The bonnet is slightly raised at the tip. The left headlight is slightly too far in - it needs to come out a bit more but it's at the limit (I was considering drilling the holes out a bit more, but I will leave fixing this to the next owner). We are talking milimeteres rather than centimetres. As a result of a bonnet re-alignment the inside corner of the left headlight cover has a fairly deep chip, caused when popping up and catching the bonnet. My mechanic theorizes it could have been in a small bump at some point before my ownership, but it may have just happened over time. Either way it has no affect on the drive.

The other bad points - there is no service history prior to my ownership. This was likely lost by the previous owner as I got the car from a dealer. Likely the same owner who painted the calipers purple and did a terrible job of it - haven't been bothered to go through it and get it off as I don't even have a driveway so it's a bit of a pain. I've started a logbook since and I have paperwork for everything I've had done as well as all the little niggles. The clutch is still original I believe - it's fine, pulls brilliantly and easily has another 20k in it - but won't wheelspin on dry tarmac (maybe that's normal given low power+weight transfer?). The bite has always been a little on the high side but hasn't worsened at all since I bought it, nothing major.

The minor points - couple of stone chips at the front. One little 1cm chip above offside door handle. Paintwork otherwise very good. Sills have been welded at some point, they're not perfect but decent enough. There is a tiny out-side facing chip about 0.5x0.5cm on the windscreen there since bought. You don't notice it unless you're looking for it.

Let me know if you want any more details. Can only take viewings on weekends generally. I'm a 15 minute walk from Peterborough station. You need to be fully comped if you want to test drive it yourself.

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Year of registration 1998
Mileage 101500
MOT- months 11
Model MK2 Rev5
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UK GT T-Bar N/A Rev5 - recent MOT

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