For sale: MR2 (mk3) 1.8 VVT-i Man Roadster: Everything works

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Owned and maintained by mature professional gent since 55,000 miles, this ace little car has black body work and red leather seats that look better for real than in the pics. Location off the M40 near Banbury. Not bargaintastic, but priced to be fair. If it deserved to be cheap it'd be cheap. >Good bits< - It’s had money spent where required to keep it fit, including going to the local Toyota dealership for its last two services. - Service history of sorts going back to new. - Everything works - heater, electrics, clock, aircon, glove compartment lock, remote locking, immobiliser, electric windows and mirrors etc. Since I bought it I’ve fixed the penger seat belt sensor, the lambda sensor and the radio aerial. - Starts and runs a treat, corners like a babe. Not been raced or thrashed (by me), just used regularly for my commute across Buckinghamshire - it was bought specifically to make the roundabouts in MK less dreary. Lovely light steering. - No dents, no leaks or squeaks, no rust worth mentioning. There are some little scratches and one tiny ding and a small tear in the roof that doesn’t leak (about 3cm), but nothing significant. There are some little spots on the bonnet paintwork, and some scuffs on the front penger side bumper, but for a car of this age it seems good. - Brand tyres (Michelin and Continental) with plenty of tread. - Also it’s got a brand new Yuasa HSB053 battery with 5-year guarantee. - It’s got TRD branding because it’s been ‘mapped’, whatever that is. - Fancy blue lights for the footwell if you want to show off - I never do. - Oh, and four - count them - four exhaust pipes. >Mystery bits< It’s the badge. The logo on the bonnet and the steering wheel is not Toyota. I’ve concluded it’s an eagle or something made from the letters MR2 if you screw yours eyes up. The guys at the MK Toyota garage had trouble looking it up, so maybe it’s a Japanese import. >Not so good bits< - First there’s the sound system. I’d give it 4/10. The speakers are so-so; I listen to talk radio and clic jazz so I don’t need it beefy, but if you like cruising the strip throbbing like a mobile b-bin you’ll be disappointed. Also I don’t like the Toyota hi-fi unit. It has a CD player and radio, but it’s a bit flash. I can’t figure out how to change the time or to dim the screen at night, and sometimes the touchscreen doesn’t respond at all. I just leave it on bluetooth and do everything on my phone. - I think the left indicator autorestore is flaky - truth is I’m so used to knocking it back to off with my hand I can’t be sure. - When you put the vinyl roof down in the cold it takes a bit of work getting the locking clip to click. You have to make sure it’s settled down at every fold and give it a firm slam. If it’s hot weather it’s much more compliant. - The glove compartment is suspect - if you load it with too many CDs it drops off when you open it. - The biggest thing is that you can’t speed. Let me explain. The one area where the car is showing its age is that the cowl around the front wheel arches is patchy. It’s currently held on with ties and tape. You can’t see it, and it’s not an issue unless you’re cruising above 80 for any length of time; the air pressure pushes the cowl out of place and you can hear it rubbing against the tyre. You have to drop to 72 and get out at the next junction to pop it back into place. Maybe it could do with a new one. If you do it'll probably go as fast as you like. >Reason for sale< I only bought the car for my commute, but I’m currently working from home due to the bug with no immediate prospect of going to the office again. Wanting to save on tax and insurance. >What's included< I’m afraid the J777 YES number plate is mine. You’ll be buying it as GY54 SZK. However, it does come with sunscreen, colour match shades, and a Captain Scarlet figurine.

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Year of registration 2004
Mileage 82,000
MOT- months 5
Transmission Manual

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