How do I attach an image to a post?

With various photo hosting sites making it difficult/expensive to hot link images to the forums, we have been trying to make the forum attachment feature more user friendly. To this end the forum settings have been updated. Photos may be up to 20 Mb and any dimension in size. The forum will resize them to no larger than 800 pixels on any side to reduce storage requirements. The process of attaching photos is very simple. Simply create a new message and, near the bottom of the page, click the "Attachments" tab and then click the "Add Files" button.


image1Once you've clicked the "Add Files" button you'll be able to select your desired image. You can attach up to 6 images per post. After selecting your image the file will be uploaded. You can view the status of the upload on the right side of the screen. Once the upload is complete the "Place Inline" button will appear. Simply click this button to insert the image into your post. Note that the image will be inserted wherever your cursor is.


The images will show in your post as a thumbnail image, clicking the image will open the full size image. Please note that your original images will not be changed only the uploaded copy will be reduced in dimensions and file size. Full members also have the use of the Gallery for images CLICKY




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