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GWR Certificate

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Because of copyright laws the link to print your own certificates had to be removed, i myself didn't notice this until i had a pm from a menber.I have contacted GWR about this matter,i logged on to ther site and you can order extra certificates at a cost of £10 each also for an extra £5 they can include additional information ie clubs involved plus names of other who helped me out on the day.I have also sent this to them
Enquiry about Claim ID 243192
IMPORTANT: Please use this form only to submit a query about Claim ID No. 243192. If you wish to enquire about one of your other claims, please click "Cancel" to go back and select that claim.

Enquiry Type: [Please Select Enquiry Type] Fast Review Fast Track Adjudication Licensing Other Claim Related
Hi although we have a world record the aim was to beat the current record of MR2s in a rolling convoy set by the Netherlands,for some reason you changed it to largest parade of Toyotas.I did speak to some one just after i submitted the claim forms and was told this would be amended.This was the idea of setting a new world record for the MR2 clubs involved and is dissapointing to say the least i await your reply
Mick Jones

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