JAE 2012 - Friday - OC vs Food

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Re: JAE 2012 - Friday - OC vs Food

Post by whitworthmike » 11/09/12 14:12

Smitty1977 wrote:
Howlin_Mad wrote:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLShDgxuI0k

Skip to 6 minutes and re-live the pain.
PA light weight he had about 1/3 rd or even 1/4 of what we tried, kind of wish we saw that vid first though,

The four stages of this hot sauce
:blush: Warmth
:crybaby: Pain
:facepalm: Relef
:no: Realisation of how silly you where in trying this stuff

You forgot the "face swells up" and the "projectile vomit". Stages.......


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