MK3 Roadster Audio Install

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Re: MK3 Roadster Audio Install

Post by SonicSW20 » 20/08/15 9:30

Just had a thought: what stereo do you have? Need to know how many pre out's it has. Ideally it needs two, one for front, one for rear / sub.

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Re: MK3 Roadster Audio Install

Post by madbasshunter » 20/08/15 11:25

Have to say the JBL GT0627 16cm 2-way are a lot better than the fli speakers :confused1: I do have a couple of secondhand sets in the loft (as I was going to try putting 3 or 4 in each door) if you or Dave are passing and plenty of wiring and rca leads etc
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Re: MK3 Roadster Audio Install

Post by ShrewdPhoenix » 20/08/15 18:28

The headunit is a Kenwood DPX-313Y Double DIN Headunit. This is the 4th MR2 its been in, but in the first and second MR2s (mk2s) it was wired up to an Amp, 2 door speakers and 2 6x9s.

Clive, thanks for the offer, but I'm not in Cornwall anymore, I've finished uni and moved in with Dave in Buckinghamshire. The Fli speakers are only temporary anyway as the current door speakers have started blowing. I'll get some decent ones at a later date when I can spend a bit more.

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Re: MK3 Roadster Audio Install

Post by devonlad108 » 24/08/15 17:49

I'll be happy to help out, I'm bringing my tools along anyway to get us hooked up to the elastic-trickery point. I'm a sparky by day so I imagine I'll be able to help out haha.


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