Don't use GL-5 oil in MR2 gearboxes

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Re: Don't use GL-5 oil in MR2 gearboxes

Post by Voivod »

TonyleFrog wrote: 08/03/21 5:17
Voivod wrote: 07/03/21 22:09 No you are spot my experience it's far from perfect! Crunching means that you synchros gone..up shift or down shift.
Rev matching and double declutching can help with that. :)
I had to learn that technique early doors. One of my father's cars had a non-synchro box.
Voivod wrote: 07/03/21 22:09 What's most annoying that even with all brand new synchros installed is still notchy gear change with low viscosity gear oils..atf makes difference but still not perfect.
Mine isn't now that they have bedded in.

The process takes a little time as the rest of the internals are normally retained.
I've tried but it didn't worked for me..also I've got big feet :laughing

I've done over 5k since rebuild so should be bedded in..after changing to ATF thinks much better then it used to be. I'll probably buy a new one at some point just out of interest if later gearboxes are better.

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