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Post by anthonyrickard373 » 23/01/20 16:45

Hey all

New foray into the mr2 world. Spent the last 5 years with mx5's so I've jumped ship :bleh:

I've purchased a Rev1 3S-FE with about 115k miles on it to start off with as my first MR2

I purchased it knowing the following:

1). The car idles both hot and cold at 1250 rpm.
2). Person I purchased it from had the throttle cable replaced and had the cable fitted tighter than normal. This can be felt from the pedal as there is no slack in the pedal and is very sensitive.

My following issues that are current/getting worse are as follows

1). The car is now idling at 1500 PRM hot/cold when in Neutral. When driving, rev's are perfect.
2). The revs drop and bounces between 900-1250 RPM when braking in neutral, till I get to about 5mph, which the engine then goes back up to a 1500 consistent idle RPM
3). There have been occasions that I have put my foot down to accelerate in 3rd and 4th gear, and the engine sticks at 2000 rpm, until I lift off, clutch down, clutch up and rev again and it accelerates perfectly

I have a limited knowledge with cars, so I have attempted/checked the following

1). Air filter is relatively new, so no blockages.
2). Taken off pipes to Throttle Body to check that the Butterfly valve isn't slightly open due to the overly tight throttle cable. With the engine off, the valve is completely closed.
3). When doing the above checks I used this moment to spray some Throttle Body cleaner to clear out any carbon build up.
4). Disconnected the IAC switch with engine running - no change
5). Disconnected TPS switch with engine running - no change
6). Did a visual inspection of all hoses and pipes in engine bay and frunk for any leaks. Nothing I could see or audibly hear
7). Inspected the inside of the ECU to check for any burnt out areas/damage - None found

I have the car going into a specialist in a couple of weeks, but want to try and rule out as much as possible before they smoke test it and start properly investigating (at this time I will get them to correctly adjust the throttle cable)

Wondering if any one has had anything similar/could point me in directions to go next? I am going to take off the IAC valve and give it a clean out with some throttle cleaner in case there's bad carbon build up

Thanks :D

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Joined: 23/01/20 16:17


Post by anthonyrickard373 » 27/01/20 13:16


I found a vacuum hose with a hole in it. I have taped this up tightly temporarily but it didn't make an immediate improvement. While most of the time the care idles at 1500 RPM, if I drive it somewhere, park up for an hour and come back and drive it, the car idles perfectly all the way home, but i've only had it happen twice in about ten times ive used the car, and its always after i've driven it first and come back to the car.

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