Mk2 right rear brake line routing

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Mk2 right rear brake line routing

Post by Mr2little »

Hello, I would be very grateful if someone could answer this question for me.
Recently picked up an import mk2 rev3 in fair condition but which has been garaged for a long time. Car is now running fine but at some point the rear brake line had been removed - I have the line but it is a kinked up mess.
The old line seems to be long enough to get to the rear caliper but if I were bend it to the pattern in the Toyota diagram (47325) it will be too short : ... 357/47318D

The problem being there is not enough line to make the 90 degree bend in the corner of the engine bay.
Is there a difference in the line routing between the different revisions or has the line been shortened?
I’m an ex mechanic and have done a fair few hours of brake pipe bending, but without a good line to copy this is a bit challenging. Would ideally like to route the line to the right spec even if that means replacing the whole line.
I would very much appreciate any advice.

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