St205 charge cooler reliability

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St205 charge cooler reliability

Post by tommy10101 » 16/02/20 19:11

Hi all,

I am in the process of modifying my rev3 turbo for track use. It will be 1.2bar with the st205 charge cooler setup. Should be fine for extended stints hopefully.

just wondered if anyone could let me know how reliable their charge cooler setup is and and recommendations to improve reliability. Slightly annoying having to add complexity and failure points going W2A.

I guess the only thing really bad that can happen is the pump fail? If I am monitoring AIT, AFM, oil temp etc would I be ok if it happened?


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Re: St205 charge cooler reliability

Post by MR2DI4 » 16/02/20 20:08

Shouldn't be a problem. I added a Bosch auxiliary water pump to my stock air cooled IC setup after I fabricated a cooling box round the Number 1 hotpipe for the fun of it and then used the A/C condenser as a "Radiator" to cool it. The pump runs full time whenever the engine is running. Probably should have added an on/off timer to it as its way overkill in terms of cooling. As long as you have a decent pump then no problem. Not as reliable as air-air setups obviously if you have a water leak or the pump fails.

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Re: St205 charge cooler reliability

Post by shinny » 17/02/20 12:04

Reliability will mostly depend on the quality of your installation. (Wiring, pipework, mountings etc.) Done well it shouldn't give cause for concern. If you want some automatic protection you could wire up the ST205 ECU, which will bring up a CEL if the ST205 pump stops or the fluid level drops too low, although you will need the correct wiring.


If you don't use the ST205 ECU then connecting a warning to the low fluid level switch wouldn't be too tricky provided you're vaguely capable of electrical work.

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