Which coolant do I need?

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Which coolant do I need?

Post by tommy10101 » 17/02/20 13:49

1994 mr2 mk2 turbo

Need to top up my engine coolant. I have been told to use the Toyota long life (red)

Can anyone confirm please. What concentrate do I need?

Could I pour the below straight in?

https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota ... =654172571

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Re: Which coolant do I need?

Post by peteV6R5 » 17/02/20 14:23

depends what is in there now.
no point putting in 5 year coolant into a 2 year life one.

that is concentrated. you will need to mix it with water depending on how cold it is likely to get, most of bad weather past now in reality

I use to have mine at 50:50
as you can see in the table via link that protects to -34degf more than enough for British winters
so that 5ltr will eventually make 10 ltr of coolant.
https://www.google.com/search?q=coolant ... ISfKQSs1IM
The mixing ratio of water and antifreeze should be from 60:40 to 50:50. This usually corresponds to antifreeze protection at temperatures of –25°C to –40°C. The minimum mixing ratio should be 70:30 and the maximum 40:60. Increasing the proportion of antifreeze (e.g. 30:70) does not lower the freezing point any further.
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