Steering wheel fitting issues

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Steering wheel fitting issues

Post by WilliamB99 » 03/04/20 22:35

I am new to the forum so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place.
My car has an aftermarket steering wheel and I want to replace it with an original one for a more stock look. The car is a 1989 japanese import rev1 na SW20, I bought a steering wheel online which was sold as being from a rev1 import but when I attempted to fit it today I realised that it does not fit. When looking into it there seem to be a few different style wheels all labelled as for rev1 imports so I am now very confused. If anybody is able to explain the difference between the wheels and which type I should be looking for, that would be greatly appreciated!
I have attached a photo of what I have left after removing the current wheel incase this helps.
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