Champagne coolant

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Champagne coolant

Post by m122794 »


I fear I might know the answer but after a spirited trip out in my local Cotswold countryside I seem to have fizzy coolant.
When I got back the overflow bottle was hot and overflowing a little so I turned off the engine and it quickly settled down. I have driven the car a couple of times since and the temp guage now sits at about 2/3 of the way up whereas it normally just gets off cold. Running the car up from cold with the pressure cap off almost immediately makes the coolant overflow with very aerated coolant. Revving it a bit makes the filler neck look like an F1 champagne bottle.
I'm thinking head gasket but is there anything else it might be? The rad is a nearly new aluminium job and looks fine. Compression is 150,175,170,170 so I'm suspecting a blow in cylinder 1?

Any help gratefully received, thanks.

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Re: Champagne coolant

Post by peteV6R5 »

certainly looks like the suspect cylinder has HG issue with what you are describing, get a leakdown test to be 100% sure.
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Re: Champagne coolant

Post by jimi »

As Pete says you need to do a leak down test to narrow it down, a low compression test could be down to rings or valves and nothing to do with the head gasket.
whereas it normally just gets off cold
This concerns me, everything being normal the gauge should sit just below halfway ( summer or winter), just off of cold would indicate a problem with the cooling system.
My advice would be to bleed the system properly and then see what happens then.
Follow exactly the procedure in this article from step 25 ... ement.html
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