Vibration after lowering

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Vibration after lowering

Post by Hittboy » 20/10/18 18:04

Hi all.
I’ve had the mk3 up in the air to change the rear subframe. Old one was made of rust round the right hand control arms.
While she was dismantled, I replaced the very rusty standard springs with 30mm lower springs. (Apex)
I love the new stance of the car, but now she’s lowered, there is a noticeable vibration on full throttle in first and second gear when in full throttle.
I’ve done some research and it seems it might be the transmission binding due to the different angle of the drive shafts.
I don’t really want to put the original springs back on as they are pretty shot.
Is this problem likely to do any damage?
Has anyone found a solution to staying low but stopping the vibration?
Might it “bed in” and get better over time on it’s own?

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Re: Vibration after lowering

Post by MRHAPPY62 » 20/10/18 18:48

4 wheel alignment ?
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Re: Vibration after lowering

Post by Mr.Mr2006 » 05/11/18 23:45

This is a common problem on s2000 when lowered... happened to mine also :(
what is the millage on your mr2 before you lowered it?
In s2000, they fix it by changing out the CV Inner Bucket.

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