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Post by SuzukiSteve »

My drivers side footwell is wet, I can't tell where the water is coming from. Anyone had this problem?

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Re: Footwell

Post by carolineasb »

Have you checked your drains in the air vents at each side of the car? Do you have any water in the bins at the rear of your seats? Sometimes water makes its way from the blocked drains to the bins and then sloshes out onto the carpet :( Other thing is do you park on a slope? If so, which way do you park, nose up or down? Do you have the metal (sharp!) things (technical term!) at the top of your window rubber seals? If your carpet is wet, you will likely have to take it out to dry it properly once you find where the water ingress is happening as there is foam underneath which holds the damp :( PS when checking and clearing the drains do NOT use anything sharp to poke down the drain as there are drain bags there which are easy to rip and may indeed be already ripped as that's another cause of ingress :(

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