TF300 value

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TF300 value

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Looking to purchase a MR2 MK3, plenty on the market to go so can take time finding a good one.

Have found a TF300, seems on the face of it to be mechanically sound, however, these cars typically seem to be the most wide spread of price, given they all got sold at the same time, its really only mileage, colour and a couple have a couple of extra bits.

The car I have found has a tear in the roof, had a specialist look at, cannot be repair and price new roof all in for just under £1000, The car also has a scratch and yellow lights (the covers) which guessing £250 will sort.

Car does not have the certificate that came with the original car, and current owner is a mechanic so have self serviced for last 6 years or so.

Have various things that a A1/low mileage TF300 should cost around £6k. Does that sound about right, it would be a private buy? Trying to get a view on price, to knock off stuff that needs doing to get to a sensible offer which I think current owner will think is too low, but it needs this work doing to get it back to an A1 condition.

Also, anyone know of a mechanic in the Boston, Lincolnshire area, would want to get mechanical assessment done on the car.

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Re: TF300 value

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Replacement roof of faux mohair can be got in Swansea for c.£330 with a choice of colours at Jack Smiths.

Yellow lights can be refurbed and then coated in UV Protectant.

Loads of TFs have lost their original certificate :( I think some original owners didn't really bother with handing it over to the next owner :(

Not sure that £6K is the going rate for a low mileage A1 TF but it would really depend on how low and how A1 the car was. Many are a lot less than that.

Even though these are the newest 2s, they are still 14 years old and you should still check the usual things like the rear subframe for corrosion just in case it has had the rear "nappy" on for every MOT.
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