MK2 Active System Issue

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MK2 Active System Issue

Post by sjgrafx » 02/09/19 11:16

Hi all,

I've got a 1991 JDM MK2 with stock active sound system.
All working fine, up until a few weeks ago.
Front Speakers both sound fine, but both rear speakers and Sub behind passenger seat do not. I can hear a tiny bit of sound if I place my ear against the speaker.

I've had the HU out, checked for broken/bad connections from my ISO adapter. All looks OK.
I've checked there's 12V going into the Woofer Amp, and Ground...
What next? What voltages should be going in/out of the amps? I've got the wiring diagram, but doesn't mention voltages.

Any advice please! :)

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Re: MK2 Active System Issue

Post by MR2DI4 » 02/09/19 22:41

I had to rebuild the sub and rear speaker amp thats located down in the passenger side seatbelt area years ago.

It was full of dry solder joints so all you need is someone who is good with a soldering iron and you simply disassemble it and re-solderer every joint in it. The joints on the Amp IC's are the worst.

I came across a second amp among some parts being thrown out and I fixed that one to. Lets not get into a discussion about the amount of backup parts I have stored in the attic, there could be enough to build a second car :laughing

The stock audio system is excellent if its working as it should. My factory CD headunit had to go a long time ago, they had capacitors that leaked all over the place in them and it started skipping.

Had to replace the sub speaker with a Polk Audio one.

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