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London Run revival? CANCELLED!

Posted: 10/01/19 2:39
by TonyleFrog
Longer serving members will recall the epic runs in 2006 and 2007.
(Chaos on the Westway and Topgun posing at Piccadilly Circus while excited Japanese tourists snapped away!) ... un#p798783

Well this year may be the last real opportunity to recreate one. Why, may you ask?
Because the current T-Charge (pollution tax) doesn't apply in the evenings or at weekends.
This is all set to change with the introduction of the ULEZ on 8th April. ... tcmp=54312
While Mk3s will be compliant, Mk1s and Mk2s definitely won't.

So who fancies a last throw of the dice? If there is enough interest we could give it a go. :D

The projected date for the Cotswold Run is 3rd March. I'm thinking of perhaps the 31st for this one.

The 31st date is not set in stone, so now is your chance to decide.
I have added a poll which covers all bases.
If you can only do one date, click on that one.
It's either/or, click both of them.
If you have no preference, click the lot.

Would those who have already indicated an interest please vote.
If/when a clear majority emerges then we can go ahead with the planning.

Potential participants (tbc).

1. TLF
2. Woody928
3. vinp182
5. gavsdavs
6. B22_JLD
7. andyroo
8. BigAL

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 10/01/19 15:33
by Woody928
Potentially interested...

All subject to my status which still remains unknown... :rolleyes:

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 10/01/19 16:28
by vinp182
Also potentially interested

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 10/01/19 17:47
I am a maybe

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 12/01/19 21:23
by gavsdavs
Sunday 31st March ? Right before the ULEZ kicks in ? 2 days after Brexit with high chance of social unrest ? Chance to sit in a load of traffic jams ?

It will depend on the time we get to do this - need to clear it with the missus.

You do realise there's almost nowhere in London that you can legally exceed 20mph these days :) ??

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 13/01/19 0:13
by TonyleFrog
It's a full week before the ULEZ commencement date.
As far as Brexit is concerned, a week is a long time in politics...
I don't think 29th March is going to be an on/off switch in respect of social unrest.
Much could transpire in the next ten and a half weeks.

In any case, the date was only a suggestion.* Make it 24th if you prefer.
My thinking is that it shouldn't be too close to the proposed Cotswold Run.

I have no idea about the extent of 20mph zones tbh.
The only times I ever drive into London is to visit our daughter.
So half a dozen times per year max.
She doesn't live in the upcoming ULEZ area.

* As is the idea itself. If you think it's a waste of effort/non-starter then I'll be content to let it die.
  However atm I'm not yet ready to kill it off.

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 13/01/19 7:52
by B22_JLD
I drive in London alot for work and besides from the twats on motorcycles (myself included) and speed bumps it's not bad in the early hours of the mornings, but yes there are an excessive amount of speed cameras everywhere I know a few shimmy shimmy to get me out of the capital and get me home quick to dodge traffic but they are all riddled with speed bumps, being in a van speed bumps are basically just in your way rather than an effort to slow you down.

Non the less I shall show up if there are enough of us

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 13/01/19 9:00
by andyroo
Interested too.

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 13/01/19 12:26
by gavsdavs
Tony - provided I can leave the missus with the little one I'm game, it's definitely more of a cruise to see and be seen than a 'drive' (in the kent run sense).

I would say away from picadilly/trafalgar but there are some other potential routes where it isn't so clogged up.

Ninja park and photography on one of the bridges :) ??

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 17/01/19 16:46
by BigAL
I would love to possibly depending on the final confirmed final date! 30-31st March im booked up!

But if not, hope you all have a great day!

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 17/01/19 23:58
by TonyleFrog
As I mentioned in response to gavsdavs, the 31st was just a straw in the wind.
It can be the previous Sunday or the subsequent one. I have no dog in that fight. :)

To that end, I have amended the first post. Please read the Update. Over to you now folks.

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 20/01/19 21:05
by ayresyboy
In for 31st

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 08/02/19 14:34
by ayresyboy
The 31st is also Mother's Day and is when BST begins just to let everyone know. It appears to be a very busy start to 2019. This is a good thing. Sorry TLF as I have chosen 7th Apr as the first KR of the '19 season as from the polls above it looks like people prefer the 31st Mar. I can't do the 24th Mar and the only other date I can do the KR is 21st Apr which is Easter Sunday and only a few days before the HD. Andy

Re: London Run revival?

Posted: 08/02/19 20:01
by TonyleFrog
The art of being in two places at the same time is beyond even my ninja powers. :bleh:
I'll leave the poll open for the time being but the 7th is no longer on the table.
So anyone who is considering attending and hasn't voted yet don't pick that date!