MR2 Owners Club • Autotest at Henstridge Airfield 16th June
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Autotest at Henstridge Airfield 16th June

Posted: 17/05/13 12:46
by Chris_D
I'm not sure if any of you you folks are interested in motorsport, but just in case I'll post up the info on my next event.

Details are available on this website, click on 'autotest' or to see some videos of similar past events click on the videos link.

For anyone interested in competing, this is a very cheap form of motorsport which only requires a standard road car, no safety equipment or helmet needed. It's all about low speed 'manoevering' rather than high speed / high danger stuff. This may not be the best novice event as space is a bit tight with kerbs to hit if you go too far off course, however it is a lot of fun with mostly loose surface.
If anyone is interested in coming to watch to see what it's all about, entry is free and there's a cafe on site. Passenger rides may also be on offer.