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Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 14:45
by MR2Jay
Another year, another Japshow ;)

Picture the scene, it's 7.30am Saturday morning and raining heavily. Hardly the perfect weather for a trip over to Santa Pod for a show which in recent years has seen a decline. Never the less, here I am. I'm up, I'm showered, the MR2 is cleaned and packed and I am casually sipping on a cup of coffee, looking out of the window at the daunting prospect of another year fighting the elements in the attempt to make a success of the show.

The rain eases and I seize an opportunity to nip out and re-attach the battery (it is left disconnected when the car isn't in use so I know it'll fire up). That's it! I'm ready to go!! A turn of the key and the MR2 fires into life and I ease her off the driveway. I'm off....

Or so I thought :no:

Less the 50m down the road, the EML comes on and she is sounding like a bag of nails, missfiring badly :crybaby: I limp the fully loaded car home and run a quick paperclip test on the diagnostic port - code 12. A quick search shows that I won't be able to fix this quickly :crybaby:

The weather is still not looking promising, reflecting my mood but I have committed myself to this. People are relying on me as I have all the stand passes on me. Without me, there is no show. Snap decision - it has to be the hack. I thrown everything from the MR2 into the BMW Tourer, take a deep breath and head off into the murk to the Pod.

On arrival, the queue is nothing (a worrying sight) and I made my way through with the traditional booze check and off towards the camping area. On turning the corner, I spy that it is already busier than last year - that's a good sign :th:

Find the club a good spot and pull in and claimed it by placing a sail into the ground. That's it - the OC is here. Just start to get out the Gazebo when Devonlad (Jordan) and Boomshack (Ben) pull up. In light of the fall out, I was beginning to think I would be sat on my own like a plum. With their help, we finished getting the stand together and chilled. MR2Extreme06 (Andy) was the next to arrive and gradually, the OC presence built up :th: By mid afternoon we had been joined by Tallboy (Dave) and his bro, Tigertebb (Connor), Cori.louise (Cori) and her fella Jody. Not only that, the sun was out!!! Unlike most years of late, the camping field was also almost full!!! Promising stuff :yh:

Needless to say, the liquid lunch was in full swing by this point and conversation was flowing freely. Hmmm, time to bring out the chilli methinks ;) Let's start things gentle with the Chilli Chocolate Challenge. First one - Chipotle....Very pleasant with only a hint of chilli. This'll be easy ;) OK, Jalapeno chocolate next. Not much difference to be fair. Stage 3 was Tabasco. Starting to get lively but still well within tolerable limits. Final stage then maybe? Habenero Chilli chocolate. That's more like it ;) Feisty little sucker that one :laughing

Time to crack the BBQ going. Once up to heat it was time to cook. I think we must have had the most up-market BBQ on the site ;) Started with the home-made chilli burgers, a few burgers from the butchers and a couple of sausages before Jody broke out the whole trout. Cooked slowly wrapped in tin foil and stuffed with seasoned butter and lemon, once cooked it fell apart. With the massive bowl of Couscous as well, we ate like kings (and a queen as well). The chilli burgers were a firm favourite thankfully but then came the decision - go for the full strength Man Sauce or opt for the weaker Pussy Juice? ;) The weaker sauce still packed a punch but nothing like the burn from the Man Sauce. Ben (Boomshack) certainly felt the full heat as the sauce bit back. With a face like a ripened tomato and enough tears to irrigate a field, he bravely fought on and finished his ample serving of the Man Sauce. ;)

The evening carried on with light hearted banter and a very relaxing time, gradually consuming the large supply of alcoholic beverages until the sun set and the fairground called. After a thoroughly disorientating trip on the Waltzers, the age old tradition of the Drunken Dodgems commenced. :yh:

Sunday morning arrived bleary eyed yet still dry with the traditional breakfast chowdown before pulling down camp and heading for the stand. We were met on the stand by the remaining members of our stand and set the cars up ready for the day. Sunday followed the usual format - a few guys down the strip, a few wanders, food and a good browse round the happily enlarged traders area.

Unfortunately I had to leave at about Midday to spend some time with my Little'un but I want to thank everyone for coming along. Without you guys, there is no show. Thanks go out to the old school members for turning up and helping create the atmosphere and more thanks go to the new members on their virgin show. The older members reinforce what we are about (a social club) and the new guys help to grow that. Hopefully you all felt welcome and we look forward to seeing you all again :th:

Happily, I can report that Japshow is no longer a dying show. This year showed that the scene is growing again and although it wasn't up to the numbers it was at a few years ago, the guys at Santa Pod have certainly pulled their fingers out and have got the punters back. This may shock some people but they are actually spending money (at last) on the site :yh: Signs are good that next year will be even better :yh:

Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 18:37
by devonlad108
What a cracking report, thanks for such a good welcome to the club, it was a great weekend! Such a shame about the car, at least you made it in the support vehicle!
Great job on your organisation Jay, it was a cracker of an event, and we wouldnt have been there without all the work youve put in, so cheers :th:
I look forward to seeing you all again at JAE (I hope!)


Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 19:08
by mr2extreme06
Brilliant weekend jay, you have done a amazing job :th:

Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 19:12
by MR2Jay
Thanks guys :th:

Glad you enjoyed yourselves :th:

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Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 19:29
by Boomshack
It was a cracker of a show and really good to meet you all. Well done to Jay for organising it all. It was our first show and definitely not the last. I already have revenge for jays man sauce in the works. Be prepared!!

Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 19:56
by Howlin_Mad
Nice write up Jay!

What are the site improvements they are making?


Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 20:03
by MR2Jay
Looking forward to it.... We always like to push the boundaries with hot stuff ;)

Kiz, the loos have been all kitted out this year. The shop now has the car parts section fully open. The track around the camping area has also been tidied up. It's a start at least :th:

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Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 21:06
by d-peg
Nice read Jay… :th:

Like I've said already, we're sorry we missed this but it would have left us very broken if we had :sad:

Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 07/07/14 21:16
by MR2Jay
No worries Dan, actually the car breaking down meant I caught your text in time, Meant I could pick up a pile of disposable ones on route ;)

(see? Look at me trying to find positives eh? ;))

Catch up at JAE hopefully :th:

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Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 08/07/14 0:06
by TigerTebb
Thankyou to everyone for making me feel so welcome at my first show! Looking at my uni calendar I should also be able to make it to JAE and let the mk1 make another appearance ;) An amazing weekend that couldn't have happened without the effort from Jay and the commitment from the members, just a shame that so many people weren't able to make it, nevertheless I can't wait for another show to see what fiery concoction Jay can make up (man sauce mk2) :th:

Re: Japshow 2014 - An Introspective

Posted: 08/07/14 21:40
by Tallboy
TigerTebb wrote: (man sauce mk2) :th:
innuendo bingo all weekend lol :th: good stuff on being free for JAE! :th:

Fantastic write up jay! Had a wicked show and so did my bro and it was down to the effort jay put in! 10 outa 10 mate :clapping: :th: