which alloys :/

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which alloys :/

Post by G_FUNK »

getting a new set of alloys as my last one got smashed badly not sure which one to get out of thses to tho! please help.

these would be high power silver spokes with out the black.
http://www.stamfordtyres.com.au/Prod_im ... 20copy.jpg


http://www.specialfalgar.fi/images/arti ... quinox.jpg

these would have black spokes and the polished lips

not sure if the tws equinox's would suit a two tho with those spokes.
what do you guys think?


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Re: which alloys :/

Post by JayUK91 »

What colour is your car?

I think i prefer the bottom (not top, lol!) ones.
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Re: which alloys :/

Post by blaster1 »

bottom ones better but wouldnt have them pain to clean
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Re: which alloys :/

Post by chris »

If I had to pick one of the 2 choices it'd be the top one's...

however they are not the style of wheels that I would choose

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Re: which alloys :/

Post by Blue Thunder »

I would have the bottom ones as well.
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