Alternative Wheels

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Re: Alternative Wheels

Post by TonyleFrog »

My lot. :)

* = non-staggered.

OEM 15s - diamond cut
OEM 15s - white
Enkei Racing RP-01 16s - black w/white rim + blue stripe
Enkei Racing Peak 16s - silver
SSR Type C 16s - gold
Kei RSS 17s - gunmetal w/polished rim*
Japan Racing JR3 17s - light bronze*
A-Tech Final Speed 17s - stripped (colour tbc)
Blitz 03 17s - dark bronze w/polished rim
Volk Rays GT-P 17s - blue w/polished rim
Lenso D1R 17s - matt black w/red stripe
Lenso D1R 17s - white w/red stripe

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