East Coast Customs (ECC) - top notch

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East Coast Customs (ECC) - top notch

Post by spanky »

About a year and a half ago I first left the tubby in for some work to be done at ECC. AFter that I left a 'recommended' thread on here due to the great service and work that they done.

John has reorganised things since I last had contact with them. He now has a team of people who are contactable 24hours a day - I kid you not - to answer any queries about stock, servicing etc.

I was planning to install a poly bush set myself (probably with help from my free mechanic, Ricky), but I was running out of time and the desire to spend a lot of time under the car so I decided to leave it in to get the bushes installed and a general health check on the car before my upcoming MOT.

I left the car in on Wednesday this week and they had the bushes fitted by that afternoon. After a few others were done yesterday, I collected the car tonight from John.

As before, the service was excellent and the rates, I believe are good considering the expertise you are getting the benefit of. Adrian knows more about the 3SGTE than Toyota or Yamaha and is a sound bloke/car nerd to boot.

The final thing in my overly glowing report is Andy. He is one of the guys that will contact you about whatever you are looking for. He is a really sound guy, who is obviously interested in cars and will help you out with whatever your query is. He even managed to stay polite to me with all my badgering :)

In short, a great company highly recommended by me, that has expanded in a good way since I last dealt with them. If you have a query, they will be back to you really quickly with a response.

One more thing, as part of the ECC expansion they now operate a recovery service. One of the recovery units they have will take any car no matter how low - worth bearing in mind if the worst ever happens and you have your 2 slammed to the ground.

If you do contact them for any reason, mention this site

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Re: East Coast Customs (ECC) - top notch

Post by chaos19810 »

im looking at getting a full poly bush set, i was wondering what kinda of coast they are looking for doing that?
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