System upgrade

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System upgrade

Post by TH3H05T »

Hi, I've got a rev5 mr2 with I think the active sound system? the storage behind the passenger seat doesn't open so I'm assuming it's in there lol.
anyway i'm looking to upgrade the speakers throughout but i'm not sure about needing to replace the amp?
I was thinking to get a sub for the back but I have a T-top and the sub box on mr2-ben takes up the space behind the seat.
also any recommendation on specific hardware would be greatly appreciated :)

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Re: System upgrade

Post by nataliarelish »

Hello there
You can use the under seat speaker it can fit in a small place. A small speaker does not take up much space.

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Re: System upgrade

Post by Tallboy »

For underseat something like this might work? Would just have to check the height is ok. ... ase-usw300
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Re: System upgrade

Post by Mr2 Mk2 Turbo »

I have the underseat subs with built in amp, they are pretty impressive for their size and price and fit under the seat perfectly, been in there over a year with no issues, very easy to fit and even have a wired remote for base control etc, don't give the thud of a bigger sub but still sound brilliant inside the car, as with anything buy a decent known name, theres so much crap out there, we all have learnt the hard way!. Was looking at the sub boxes you mentioned for behind the seats and may give them a try as I find I just want it a bit louder with a bit more base when listening to certain music. My only worry with the behind the seat option is losing any leg room. I suppose it comes down to how much thud you want etc. I believe my underseat sub is kenwood, was about 150 quid from memory
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