Turbo/EVC issues

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Turbo/EVC issues

Post by pjhrt » 10/08/18 11:12

Hi all,

When I purchased my Rev 2 Turbo just over a year ago, it came complete with an HKS IV EVC plumbed in. It had issues over-boosting to the point where I was happy to drive it around on wastegate only, so stock (0.4bar) while I attended to other bits and pieces. It's been off the road for a while now, but has just got her MOT...

Anyway, reset the EVC, all seemed to be working fine. I set the high and low fairly conservatively to test the cut-out feature, where it beeps and drops down to stock...this worked. I slowly increased the high, but only to 1.0bar. All was working still.

Today, I foot my foot down in third and the fuel cut kicked in...then it wouldn't boost at all past 0.0. The weird thing is, after switching the engine off for a while, along with the EVC, it now drives and boosts as though it's not connected at all...all the way up to 1.0, at least. I was expecting to be back to 0.4....

What might have occurred here?

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