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Mr2 kettle

Post by APDevelopments » 14/09/18 21:59

Hi guys.
Well it’s now been 1 week since I put my new rev2 mr2 turbo on the road since purchasing it.
I now know why all of you are so keen on these old cars. Even tho my rev2 has a F355 body on it it’s still pretty much standard.
It goes like stink and you would have to spend serious money to buy something new that’s faster.
Taking off the roof when the suns out takes some beating.
Photo below of her.
I keep her in my garage.
When I get home I let her tick over for a few minutes before switching it off.
Whilst sitting in the garage I can actually here the coolant boiling inside the engine.
Is this normal?
It’s bubbling away for at least 10-15 mins after switching off.
Many thanks
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Martin F
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Re: Mr2 kettle

Post by Martin F » 14/09/18 23:40

Check the radiator cap in the engine bay.

If it's old and has failed it maybe letting too much coolant into the expansion tank when hot.

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Re: Mr2 kettle

Post by timnutt » 16/09/18 15:24

Nice photo!
I had a chat with Dave Jones as he supplies MR2 body kits to turn them into replica various makes of Ferrari. I'm not ruling it out, but need to get the engine back in an on the road first :)

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