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Recommended upgrades/mods

Post by jgcobra » 24/04/18 22:55


Just bought a 2003 MR2 MK3. It's very well cared for and I'm looking forward to looking after it.

I'm interested to hear what people's favourite upgrades and mods are for this model. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but would like to personalise it a little and give it a refresh in some areas that are showing their age.

So, what's your favourite upgrade/mod and why?


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Re: Recommended upgrades/mods

Post by SomeCallMeTim » 15/05/18 10:38

I've got both an early MR-S which I've kept stock and I've facelift 2005 MR2 which I've done some minor mods to improve how it drives.

The best mod especially for the softer sprung facelift cars would be a set of adjustable coilovers. I've got BC racing ones are they totally transform the car.

To go with the stiffer springs a front strut brace is a recommended.

I've fitted my 6 speed with a quick shift kit and swapped the rubber gear linkage bushes for brass ones and this much improves the shift quality and makes it much more pleasurable to swap cogs. The 5 speed box is a joy to start with so I've left that as stock.

I've also fitted a K&N panel filter and replaced the restrictive intake tube but this probably only makes a very minor difference.

The only mod which is pretty much essential to avoid engine destruction is to get rid of the pre-cats.

My 2005 car came fitted with a factory TTE exhaust which makes it sound so much better and this makes you smile a lot more often so if you only have standard exhaust I'd very much recommend fitting a fruitier sounding one.

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