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What makes an mr2? Mk2 sw20 focus

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What makes an mr2? Mk2 sw20 focus

"Is it the colour? The ride height? Is that sense of feeling you get driving down the road with the targa top off? Or is it that rush you get when you hit 2500rpm and the boost comes flying in? Ultimately it's what you make it!"

No one can tell you what your mr2 is supposed to be only you can decide. Of course the proof is in the pudding. when you sit there and read about rabbit powered front wheel drive cars that exceed 9000000bhp with 2.5m lb of Torque then you knows its complete rubbish!!! There is always one thing that does ring through the same though and that is the engine. The sw20 has had many different facelifts and engine upgrades but one of the most sought after and memorable cars of its 11 year journey is the rev 3. Boasting stock power gains of around 176bhp from the normally aspirated engines and upwards or 230bhp from the turbos these really are the model to own. Now I'm not saying that revision 1 and 2 weren't good enough (I own a rev 1!) their power figures could be just as interesting (152bhp from an n/a and 226bhp from the turbo) but with its redesigned spoiler and lights it grabbed some serious attention. Then there is the engine. Many of our current members with the right parts attatched or changed on their cars are seeing figures exceeding 300bhp!!!! Yes ok it's not the 2jz engine from the mkiv supra or and rb26 from the skyline but it's our engine and I for one and I'm proud!! Your mr2 is your mr2, you make it what it is and ultimately you control the ground it runs on. Go and show the world what those crazy japs did all those years ago and hold your heads high! Of course you could always take it just one step further and pop the 3vz-fe in it ;) but that's another project.

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