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Take yourself back to when you were 14.. The typical day involved rolling around in a field with your mates kicking a ball for a bit, maybe playing on the computer, it's not everyone that sits there thinking "I want an mr2" (with the exception of a few of course!!) this wasn't the case for young Gaz. Mind you anyone who sees a 10th Anniversary  in Lucerine Grey at the tender of age of 14 is going to set it in their minds!


Its from this chance meeting that an obsession developed and 9 years later Gaz decided what he wanted, a black n/a rev3 tbar. Now we all can't all be too picky when it comes to buying a classic and there are always going to be things that aren't quite the way we want them or perhaps that we could do without. Learning this the hard way Gaz realised perhaps he needed to broaden his horizons and after 4 viewings he managed to get the black t bar!!! well done mate - you joined the club.

like many of us it would be long till the bug truly set in, it wasn't long till mods started happening.

"After going to my first meet at Southampton, and seeing what some of the guys I met there had done to there cars, I caught the modding bug….
First was a K&N induction kit, then a mongoose exhaust and decat.  A couple of months later I found a set of Enkie RP-01 magnesium wheels at a  good price. Tinted windows, a DVD head unit and a few interior mods. A year and a half, many meets and two JAE’s went passed, then it happened. A mate of mine Mick AKA ‘’Topgun’’ gave me a drive of his rev4 turbo… Oh dear, I was hooked on boost, getting back into my car it seemed so slow compared to the turbo. I knew I wanted one, I knew I had to have that power but didn’t want to sell my car as I had probably put about 1000 coats of wax on the paint work and had got attached to it. There was the problem, so the only thing for it was a conversion.

I wanted a rev3 engine and phoned around to a couple MR2 specialists, nobody had a rev3 rear clip ready for transplanting. Scanning through MR2 only magazine I saw an ad by Sbits advertising a complete rev3 turbo rear clip ready for transplant. A quick call to Peter Gidden at Sbits and a deposit the clip was mine. I had seen Lee AKA ‘’Leeth’’s car that had recently been transplanted by Sbits so was happy for him to do it. Speaking to Peter I knew that it would be a good idea to have some mods fitted before the engine went in, so agreed a long shopping list. The date was arranged, my n/a was going in December 2006.'

 It takes a lot to part with an engine especially after you plough your heart soul and bank account into it, but there is only so far the 3sge can be pushed and for Gaz he had gone as far as he could, and he was hungry!!!

 As with all conversions the car wasn't without its technical difficulties, but once these had been overcome he was off, booooooosssst!!

 Shortly after hanging around here to much and meeting others at shows and seeing what they had done, he let the influence settle and chromed the engine, the ultimate bling for any car!!

 He's not done yet there a few mods to come in the future and some body parts that have sat around for a while but im not spoiling that, he can hurry himself up get the work done and represent!!!!

Gaz you have one truly amazing car and through your own sweat and hard work you have shown what can be done with just a little imagination and the knowledge and help of the members through here.


  • MK2 MR2 Rev3 Black T-bar Turbo conversion
  • BHP 300ish.


  • Wedsport Kronze ERM’s 8J ET35 Front, 9J ET35 Rear
  • Falken 452 tyres 215/40/17 Front, 245/40/17 Rear

Engine and drive train:

  • XS power Intercooler With Spal Puller Fan and Shroud
  • Apexi induction kit (chromed)
  • Apexi AVCR
  • Japspeed exhaust
  • Extreme boost Downpipe
  • Rocker cover in red
  • Mr2eddy guage pod, with Autometer boost and oil pressure gauges
  • Greddy Sandwich plate
  • G-tech Stainless twin engine lid fan kit
  • Cold grade spark plugs
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • Exedy Turbo clutch
  • Samco Intercooler Hoses
  • Samco Vacume Hoses
  • Two’s R us Delimiter
  • Chromed Turbo heat shield
  • Chromed hard pipe
  • Chromed Inlet Manifold and Throttle body
  • Chromed Bulkhead Heat Shields
  • TRD Engine mounts
  • Japspeed poly bush gear linkage bearings

Chassis and suspension:

  • Poly bushes
  • Bilstien Shocks
  • Tein Springs
  • S-bits droplinks
  • TRD Top mounts
  • TRD Strut Braces (rear chromed)
  • TRD Anti-roll bars


  • CRN 40 groove zinc plated discs
  • Red stuff pads
  • Goodridge braded brake hoses
  • Rebuilt callipers painted red


  • REV 5 Spoiler
  • Turbo side strips
  • Turbo engine lid
  • Sbits Engine Lid Gas Strut
  • Crystal side lights & repeaters with silvertech bulbs
  • Blue 100w hid headlight bulbs
  • Window Tints
  • Rear JDM window hoop with LED Brake light
  • Rear twin light mod


  • Anniversary Stainless Sill Trims
  • Changed The Dash Lights With red Ultra LED's
  • B&M short shift Kit
  • Rhons Handbrake and Gear Gaitor with Red Stitching
  • Momo F16 Gear knob
  • Momo Race Steering Wheel
  • Momo Airmetal Pedals
  • 180mph speedo
  • Speedhut Dials with up rated inverter
  • Engine and ambient temp led gauges
  • Moulded painted black dash
  • Recaro Speed full leather seats with genuine Recaro runners


  • DVD/TV head unit
  • Focal K2 components

Future Mods:

  • Gready Gracer skirts
  • Aeroware Front lip
  • BC coilovers
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