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Replacement of Front Brake Pads

Front Brake Components:



NOTE: If a squealing noise occurs from the front brakes while driving, check the pad wear indicator plate.
If there are traces of the indicator plate contacting the rotor disc, the brake pad should be replaced.


1. Remove front wheel



Remove the wheel and temporarily fasten the rotor disc with the hub nuts.

2. Inspect pad lining thickness.



Check the pad thickness through the cylinder inspection hole and replace pads if not within specification.
Minimum thickness: 3.0 mm (0.118 in.)

3. Remove cylinder from torque plate.


(a) Remove two installation bolts from the torque plate.



(b) Remove the brake sylinder and suspend it so the hose is not stretched.
NOTE: Do not disconnect the brake hose.

4. Remove following parts


(a) Two anti-squeal springs
(b) Two brake pads
(c) Four anti-squeal shims
(d) Two pad wear indicator plates
(e) Four pad support plates

5. Check rotor disc thickness
6. Check rotor disc runout
7. Install pad support plates


8. Install new pads


(a) Install a pad wear indicator plate to the pad.
NOTE: Be sure the arrow on the pad wear indicator plate is pointing in the rotating direction of the disc.
(b) Install anti-squeal shims to the pad.
NOTE: Apply disc brake grease to both sides of the anti-squeal shim No.3.
(c) Install the pads onto each support plate.


CAUTION: Do not allow oil or grease to get on the rubbing face.

(d) Install the two anti-squeal springs.

9. Install cylinder


(a) Draw out a small amount of brake fluid from the reservoir (to prevent overflow as you push in the piston).
(b) Press in piston with a hammer handle or equivalent.
NOTE: Always change the pad on one wheel at a time as there is a possibility of the opposite piston flying out.
(c) Insert the brake sylinder carefully so the boot is not wedged.
(d) Install and torque two installation bolts.


Torque: 255 kg-cm (18 ft-lb, 25 N-m)
10. Install front wheel
11. Check that fluid level is max line


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