Knowledge Base - How To:- Remove the stock intercooler

You can remove the intercooler (IC) without following the Toyota BGB service manual to the letter. The major problem with the BGB is it says you need to unbolt the aircon compressor.

If you remove the large engine hook and also unbolt the brake servo hard pipe, you can get the IC out. My top tip is to slide a thin bit of hard board between the IC and the bulkhead shiny side out. This prevents the lugs on the IC snagging the bulkhead sound insulation material. Just be patient and keep on wiggling and the IC will just pop free. It may look impossible at first but believe me it works.

Assuming you are refitting an aftermarket IC, the new unit is easy to install as the stock IC shroud will also be unbolted and disposed of. Once this shroud has gone your left with loads of room to work.

Peter Jones.

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Created : 2011-10-05 12:03:40, Last Modified : 2011-10-05 12:03:40