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How To:- Replace the Electric Aerial

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Replacement Electric Aerial

Your electric aerial has given up the ghost, after recovering from the shock of a visit to Mr T to inquire about a replacement, your wondering what to do. After some research I sourced a possible replacement from Maplin. Stock # RJ98 £18.17 + P&P + VAT. Total £24.49. Which turned out to be a very good choice, fits under the wing fine, is only a 3 wire connection ( comes complete with relay ) and the existing drain tube fits fine.

Note. No longer available from Maplin, but suitable replacements can be bought on eBay for the same sort of price.






  • Disconnect the 6 pin connector from the existing relay
  • Undo the nut on the aerial and remove it from the car ( you will have to pull the drain tube off the bottom of the motor )
  • Fit the new aerial to the wing ( remember to refit the drain tube ) and set it at the angle you want before tightening up the nut.
  • Cut and bend the supplied bracket and fit between the motor and the body.






  • Connect up the aerial using the wiring diagram below. The black wire from the aerial can be bolted to the bodywork ( that's what I did ). Mr T's relay isn't needed as the replacement already has one.
  • NOTE If you have an aftermarket head unit fitted make sure the switched aerial output from the head unit is connected to the Pink/Blue wire at the iso connector behind the head unit.

Thats all there is to it.




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