Info:- Alloy Wheel Fitment Data.

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5 stud

That is 5 nuts per wheel.

PCD 114.3

Pitch Circle Diameter. The diameter of the circle the bolt holes are spaced round. 114.3mm is the measurement on many 5 stud Japanese cars.

ET 38 to 42mm.

ET is the distance between the centreline of the rim and an imaginary line where the rim comes in contact with the cars hub. It is also known as Offset. 38mm to 42mm is normal. Offsets up to 45mm have been used as have offsets as low as 29mm but brake calliper clearance may be an issue.

Centre Bore 60.1mm

Bore is the size of the lip on the cars hub. It is essential that the wheel sits snugly on the hub as this lip balances the wheel centrally. This means the wheel nuts do not centre the wheels. If the bore is not correct, wheel vibration will be felt. Most wheel manufacturers will provide spigot rings that allow alloy wheels casting to be as universal as possible.

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