Info:- MK2 Wheels / Tyres

Wheel spec's

PCD 114.3
5 hole
60.1 centre bore

Standard 15's

15x6 ET45 195/55/15 front
15x7 ET45 225/50/15 back

Aftermarket Wheels

Common setups

16x7 ET35 205/45/16 front
16x8 ET38 225/45/16 or 245/45/16 back

17x7 ET35 205/40/17 or 215/40/17 front
17x8 ET35 235/40/17 or 245/35/17 or 245/40/17 back

(since recently changing my rear tyres from 245/35/17's to 245/40/17's the ride is less harsh, but i did need to raise the rear coilovers approx 10mm to stop the tyres rubbing)

17x7.5 ET35 215/40/17 front
17x8.5 ET35 245/35/17 back

17x8 ET35 215/40/17 front
17x9 ET35-ET38 245/35/17 or 245/40/17 or 255/40/17(may rub the arches depending on offset and ride height) back

The wider the wheels/tyres you fit the more you need to pay attention to the offset. As with the wrong offsets you will have problems with the wheels/tyres rubbing on the suspension (offset too high) or rubbing on the outer arch (offset too low)


This is where the fun starts

where as with normal struts the spring seats are above the wheel/tyre, with coilovers the spring, although a lot thinner than normal, runs down past the wheel/tyre giving less room for the wheel/tyre.

Common setup's that work with coilovers without spacers or arch work (coilovers vary depending on model so something that works on one type may not work on another)

17x7 ET35 215/40/17 front
17x8 ET35 245/35/17 or 245/40/17 back

17x8 ET32-ET33 215/40/17 front
17x9 ET38 245/35/17 or 245/40/17 back

With the 8" & 9" setup you can go with slightly higher offsets at the front and fit spacers & go with slightly lower offsets at the back and do arch work.


The offset of a wheel is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel.

Zero Offset

The hub mounting surface is even with the centerline of the wheel.

Positive Offset

The hub mounting surface is toward the front or wheel side of the wheel. Positive offset wheels are generally found on front wheel drive cars and newer rear drive cars.

Negative Offset

The hub mounting surface is toward the back or brake side of the wheels centerline.

see pic below


Tyre Calculator

Wheel/Tyre/Offset Calculator

this one will let you know how much closer the wheels will be to the suspension compared with the standard setup

Min/Max/Ideal tyre widths ... dvice.html

Setups that work (other side of the pond);threadid=137

Other make wheel fitment and PCD

Tyre Pressures

The Toyota specified tyre pressures are:

UK GT 15" - 31psi front and 35psi rear
UK GT 14" - 26psi front and 32psi rear
JDM Turbo 15" - 29psi front and 33psi rear

When setting up tyre pressures, it is best to start with the standard pressures and then adjust to your preference. Bear in mind that tyre pressure has a much larger affect on your car's handling that tyre width. To cut a long story short, lower pressure means more grip, but less accurate feel to the car's handling. However the weight over an axle is also a factor and because the MR2 is back-heavy, your tyre pressures should be higher at the back. Therefore you will often find a number of owners will run pressures lower than stock to increase the grip available and make use of wider, lower profile tyres.

An example aftermarket setup would be:

Front: 215/40/17 @ 27psi (Falken 452s)
Rear: 245/35/17 @ 29psi (Falken 452s)

However you should find the pressures you like best with the tyre make and size you have fitted, as different tyres have different constructions and therefore react slightly differently to changes in pressures.

Wheel nut torque settings

Wheel nut types

wheel nuts spec: 12x1.5mm

standard toyota wheels use flat ended nuts, most aftermarket wheels use conical (tapered) ended nuts. These are sometimes called 'tuner lugs'.

make sure you have the correct wheel nuts for the alloy you are fitting.


Conical (tapered)

Wheel and Tyre Bible

The Wheel and Tyre Bible
Everything you ever wanted to know about tyres and wheels
also includes very good tyre / wheel calculators

MisteR Tee
Wheel Nuts/Studs/Spacers/Tyre Valves

Wheel nut torque settings

I just thought I'd put some info together to stop the same questions being asked all the time


Thanks to Jimi, Adam3442 and Shinny for some of the links :th:

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