How To:- Fit a substitute (Lexus) ABS sensor

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MKII Toyota MR2 ABS sensor replacement

A , How-To guide to using Lexus I200 ABS Sensors

The following is advice & how I have (and others) have solved an ABS sensor issue using Lexus I200 ABS Sensor. What you do to your vehicles is entirely your responsibility if you feel you may need further advice or help Please seek it out…

Always safely secure any vehicles you intend to work on or under, try not to work alone in case of accidents if possible.

Toyota MR2 MKII ABS Sensors retails around £215 Each Front & £234 each Rear, having recently broke an ABS Sensor cable, I sought out alternatives, a grateful thank you to Scott Soulby on the MR2DC, for the advice & inspiration to do this.

Required tools/supplies: Not exhaustive but along these lines

Good Quality

Trolley Jack, Or suitable car jack.

Axle Stands

Socket Set





Brake Cleaner

Mole / Vice Grips

Soldering Iron, heat shrink tubing insulation, or insulating tape, possibly some loom wrap…depending on your level of OCD. *please do research how to solder two wires together, don’t twist & wrap insulating tape round it, or those cheap nasty connector clips, do it once do it right.

Also some patience!

Ok Let’s make a start


Up front are easy, the metal bracket that attaches to the car keep the MR2 one and dispense with the Lexus one,

The Lexus Front Sensor & Lead

In addition, you will need to cut off the MR2 Plug and replace the Lexus one, leave plenty of cable on the MR2 Loom Plug, and solder properly to the Lexus cable, removing the redundant Lexus plug.

One thing I noticed is that the Lexus Sensor when I fitted Front Left Lexus, sensor to Front Left MR2, the cable exited at a different angle, (it still fits, take all the precautions to ensure the cable is free lock to lock.) I cable tied the lead to make sure it stayed safely secured, and it worked fine. I would suggest replacing in pairs, as the readings from the Lexus Sensors are higher than the MR2. With replacing just one, your ABS reacts quite a bit; you can feel this through the pedal.

I would suggest (depends on your level of OCD) put the Lexus (at least the fronts) ( I do need to investigate the rears) Left on the MR2 Right & Vice Versa, that way the cable should point at the same or very close angle, out of the sensor housing as per the MR2.

Be prepared for the sensors to come out in bits, now *****BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO LET ANY DEBRIS INTO THE HOUSING WHERE THE RELUCTOR RING IS***

See here:-



You may be lucky & the mole / Vice Grips will loosen off the sensor to turn & wiggle out, I had to chisel mine out, again be very careful pulling all the bits out. Put plenty of WD40 around & leave overnight, if it is stubborn.

Once the old one is out, you need to swap the loom plug over, take the brackets off the wiring and attach them to the car first, fit the sensor and plug and Mr2 grommet, put the wiring into the bracket and bend the bracket to hold them in"

Here is how one of my fronts came out.



The MR2 Plug temporary connected I did solder & wrap it up properly, I do not have mains power at my garage.


For the rears, this is where the patience comes in:-

The rear the sensor plastic surround is a bit thick for the hole, so a little bit of filing, & rubbing down.

Perhaps use some padding & gently fasten in a vice, and rub away with strips of emery cloth, checking frequently as you go) they go in

Again you need to swap the loom plug over, take the brackets off the MR2 wiring and attach them to the car first, fit the sensor and plug and MR2 Gromit, put the wiring into the bracket and bend the bracket to hold them in"

Hardest bit about it all is removing the original sensors, they can be stuck, and mole grips help with that

I would say I did not attach the metal bracket back on (at the sensor end) as the Lexus sensor cable exiting the sensor points the other way, but fits in fine.

I do not know if the Plastic bracket where the fixing bolt goes through, can swivel round to the other side, or its all one piece.

There are a few Lexus breakers around but the IS200 (found mine on eBay), is also reducing in numbers so any doubts about yours, buying a replacement set for £100 plus a little compared to nearly £1000 for the MR2 New, its worthy of some little adapting 

Best to clear any error codes, (I think I have this right)

Supposedly, you can reset the codes simply by disconnecting the battery, I did this.


Taken from elsewhere, I cannot remember where!

If you want to check for error codes, that’s covered a plenty elsewhere, then clear them if the above is not correct. (as far as I am aware)

Clearing ABS error codes

Clearing the codes is similar to checking the codes, with a few minor differences. Mainly, you don't disconnect the service connector. If you checked the codes, & repaired whatever was broken, and are ready to clear the codes.

Just remember to reconnect the service connector before proceeding.

Step 1: Turn the ignition switch on. Again, you should have the service connector CONNECTED as you do this. (paper clip)

Step 2: Connect the Tc and E1 terminals of the diagnostic box.


Step 3: Get in the car and pump the brake pedal at least 8 times within 3 seconds. You do not need to press hard, just quickly. Once the codes are cleared, the ABS light will blink continuously at 0.5-second intervals.

That is it you are done.

Take out the paper clip, then close everything up, and your ABS system should be functioning normally, the proverbial fingers crossed.


Hope this works for you


Brian J Wilkinson

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