How To:- Replace/Service a Blitz LM Air Filter

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I decided to replace the filter as it was looking filthy and covered in crud and falling apart. This led to the MAF sensor being covered in crap, and when starting the car would cut out as well as give bad performance. Hopefully this is of some help to someone.

Job time: 30 mins
Tools Needed:


Socket set, 7mm, 10mm
Phillips head screw driver
Allen key
Carb Cleaner roughly £5 Halfords
Replacement filter: £30 from Blitz UK.
Kitchen paper or cloth

Brand new filter, which came with the filter and 2 mesh end circles to replace and hold the filter in place, my old ones were pretty worn and the filter moved freely.




Old filter looking scabby


Start off by unscrewing the clamp on the right, you can either unscrew using a screwdriver, but if tough can end up sheering the screw head or the better option is a 10mm socket.

Secondly remove fixture screw to the induction kit on the left. Once done gently twist the induction kit until it comes free, being careful not to yank it and rip wires out the MAF sensor.


MAF sensor wire unclips, press down, and gently pull, if struggling use a flat head screwdriver. Just make sure not to pull at the wires.


Now with the induction kit remove, using your Phillips head screwdriver, remove the 2 screws and place somewhere you will not lose. The MAF sensor is a delicate sensor so be careful not to drop it or break the little Pin inside.


Using the carb cleaner, spray inside the MAF sensor and around the little pin removing all dirt.




Remove the filter from metal section requires a 7mm socket fixture for the clamp. Once undone clean up all fixtures removing dirt from inner of the induction kit ready for new filter.


To replace filter, unscrew the silver part on top of the filter, if you are struggling to undo it by hand, there is an Allen key fitment.




My filter was fubar'd, mesh had gone soft, and started to break away, no wonder my MAF sensor was so fubar'd.

Removing the old filter, and two end mesh’s replace with the new ones and refit.






Replace the MAF sensor, and plug back in before refitting to car, redo the 10mm clamp bolt to secure the induction kit, and finally screw the retaining screw back in.




Jobs a good-un.


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