2019 Cotswold Pre Show National Run

Sunday, 3 March 2019 at 10:00 am

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Good morning,

Following the success of the previous Cotswold Run, I beleive it's high time we tried it again :th: This run out proved to be a great way to blow out the cobwebs and give the cars a chance to stretch their legs before the show season and was a roaring success.

Pics from the 2015 run can be found here (Thanks Tony :th:)



I know it's early days but the logitsics of organising a run from all 4 corners of the country are not an easy feat. So for now, I have set the date at the first Sunday in March so it can be pencilled into people's calendars.

So, what do we need from you? Firstly, I need people to head up each region I have listed below. If anyone feels that an area can be split, then please pipe up and we'll adjust the lists to suit. Bear in mind that more regions require more leaders to guide people towards the final meeting point.

South Central - Group Leader - Vacant

1. Nills Hollman (MR2 Drivers Club)
2. Jake Roberts (MR2 Drivers Club)

South East - Group Leader - Tonylefrog

1. B22_JLD
2. Adam Innes (MR2 Drivers Club)
3. shinny
4. angpozzuto
5. zoh_Xavier
6. ayresyboy
7. pbmr2

East Midlands - Group Leader - MR2Jay

1. Cori.Louise
2. Mark Kenworthy (MR2 Drivers Club)
3. Chris Wood (MR2 Drivers Club)
4. Darren Letts (MR2 Drivers Club)
5. Fiona Letts (MR2 Drivers Club)
6. Stuart Crann (MR2 Drivers Club)
7. Cayde-6

North East - Group Leader - Vacant

1. Terry Watson (MR2 Drivers Club)

North Central - Group Leader - Vacant


North West - Group Leader - Vacant

1. Morgan Simmons (MR2 Drivers Club)
2. Paul Woodsy (MR2 Drivers Club)
3. Brian Flanagan (MR2 Drivers Club)

West Midlands - Group Leader - Vinp182

1. Alan Wheeldon + Ria
2. Wedgey + Jo
3. Chris (Possible)
4. PeteV6R5

South West - Group Leader - Vacant

1. Carole James (MR2 Drivers Club)
2. Terry Fisher (MR2 Drivers Club)
3. Jaseb1987

Wales (North/South) - Group Leader - Taffytbar (Provisional)


I haven't included Scotland in this as yet however if people feel that they could get down for the run then I'll happily add this region to the list :th:

The next thing I need people to do is spread the word. We need to get wind of this to any corner where running MR2's could be hiding. That's other clubs (ROC, MR2Drivers Club, IMOC etc...), Facebook, Twitter....Wherever......If people hear, I don't care where it is advertised. As long as people can be linked to this post to bring people along, that's what we want :th:

Once we have started to populate this and have leaders in place, they can create individual pages for the region they are running to discuss details :th:

So, here we go, let's get this going :yh:

**edit - we are getting a lot of traffic through from other avenues which is amazing - If you would like to be part of this event, please either sign up to the Owners Club (Free membership is fine to sign up to this event, you don't need to pay the full membership costs but I would encourage it to help keep us running and supporting club stands such as JAE) or let someone know through Facebook etc. If we have any contacts from other clubs here willing to spread the word around the other forums and avenues, please let me know so we can help encourage people to join us and let us know who would like to attend**